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Partner Updates (as of Fall 2017)

The Partnership continues to meet regularly and is working together to identify additional alternatives to the Forest Plan Amendment for U.S. Forest Service consideration. In addition, all Partners have signed a Cooperative Agency Agreement which allows a greater flow of data and information to and from all agencies.


Forest Service (Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests)

Recreational Sport Shooting Project: Project lead Nehalem Clark has accepted a new position with the Rocky Mountain Research Station. Congratulations to Nehalem. The Project is now being led by Sarah Beck, who started on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests on January 30. Progress on the project continues and a draft decision is anticipated to be released in 2017. (

Alternative maps have been released as a part of this project as of Oct. 2017.

Devil’s Nose Designated Shooting Area Implementation:
The Forest Service has been working with a Design Consultant to complete the site design. The first step was to confirm the site’s suitability for design implementation. Suitability of the site has been confirmed and the design for the project is 75% complete. The final design is expected to be completed by spring 2017.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife

CPW continues to evaluate sites for developed shooting areas, and is working with the Partnership to explore sites where CPW may work cooperatively with any given county to develop a range. CPW supports developing shooting ranges and developed shooting areas (that may not be regularly supervised), especially in areas where the ranges will provide safe, accessible shooting recreation.

CPW continues to have funds to develop ranges, and the latest application deadline for the Shooting Range Grant program closed on Feb. 3, 2017.  Applications will go through an evaluation process, and successful applicants will be notified of grant awards in mid-May.

Larimer County

Accidental shooting occurred near Red Feather Lakes on June 17, 2017, more details available here.

Larimer County is open to partnering on outdoor public ranges offering management and possible funding for partners. We see opportunity in Larimer County to work with other agencies, as well local businesses, established clubs and private land owners to facilitate range development.

Clear Creek County

Clear Creek County continues to explore opportunities within the County and encourage anyone to contact us with suggested locations for a designated shooting area. We are very excited about the progress at Devil’s Nose, and will be meeting with the Forest Service to discuss how we can work together on the long term management of the site.

Boulder County

Boulder County and the Forest Service are looking more closely at the feasibility of the five sites on the Boulder Ranger District proposed as possible developed shooting ranges. In addition, Boulder County continues to investigate possible shooting range locations, including sites in the plains.

Currently the county Land Use Code does not specifically address firing or shooting ranges and is lacking in appropriate criteria to properly mitigate impacts. On June 9, 2015, the Board of County Commissioners authorized Land Use staff to pursue text amendments to the Boulder County Land Use Code specific to firing ranges. The initial referral draft of the proposed changes to add a use definition for firing or shooting range and related definition and process changes to regulations are now available for review on the DC-15-0003 webpage at:

On October 19, 2016, Planning Commission held a public hearing on Docket DC-15-0003 – Proposed Boulder County Land Use Code Amendments to Article 4 and Article 18 regarding firing ranges. Staff presented the proposed text amendments that include changes to provisions to improve health and safety protections related to use of land for firing ranges. After public testimony and deliberation, Planning Commission voted to approve Docket DC-15-0003 and recommend approval by the Board of County Commissioners, and encourage the Board of County Commissioners to look at the idea of having range supervision and consider idea of prohibiting shooting ranges in the Forestry District.

The next step in this process if for the Board of County Commissioners to hold a public hearing to take testimony and consider the proposed text amendments to Articles 4 and 18 of the Boulder County Land Use Code regarding firing ranges. It is anticipated that this hearing will be scheduled this spring. Confirmation of a hearing date and time will be published on the DC-15-0003 webpage and sent to the Land Use Code email list as well as the Sport Shooting Partnership email list.

The Land Use staff and County Commissioners value comments from individuals and referral agencies. All comments will be made part of the public record. If you have questions or comments regarding this particular docket, please call 303-441-3930, or submit an inquiry/comment via the Ask a Planner form.

Gilpin County

Gilpin County continues to look for a suitable range site that fits the criteria established. We encourage private land owners to contact the county if they own property they would like reviewed for possible purchase or lease.


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